Case 127. Microsporidiosis (22 y-o M)
    Biopsied multifocal white matter lesions, up to 1 cm in size, seen in an HIV-negative patient who often eats raw cow liver    
Key words : microsporidiosis, Encephalitozooon
A necrotic lesion with dense infiltration of lymphoid cells and macrophages is presented. In the cytoplasm of glial cells, basophilic granules are observed infrequently (HE).   Cytoplasmic basophilic granules (short rods) in the glial cell is observed by oil immersion (HE).
The basophilic short rods are focally clustered within a cytoplasmic vacuole in the other astrocyte (HE, oil immersion). Microsporidiosis, probably infection of Encephalitozoon sp., is strongly suspected.