Case 67. Pseudomonas pneumonia (39 y-o M)
    Autopsied lung in a leukemia patient after chemotherapy, accompanying Pseudomonas septicemia    
Key words : Pseudomonas aeruginosa, perivascular cuffing, septicemia
opportunistic infection
Perivascular cuffing (perivascular haze) is diagnostic of Pseudomonas septicemia (HE).   Another histologic view of perivascular cuffing (or Pseudomonas vasculitis). The rods massively involve the vascular intima (HE).
Methylene blue stain identifies numerous rods clustered along the alveolar septa.   Reference case 67A
Pseudomonas pneumonia in another case of multiorgan failure due to iodine allergy (66 y-o M). Pronouced growth of rods is seen, while the host response is poor. Fibrinous exudation and hemorrhage are associated (HE).
Reference case 67A
Pseudomonas-specific RNA is demonstrated by in situ hybridization histochemistry. Microbial culture at autopsy was positive for P. aeruginosa. The bacteria observed in paraffin sections can be identified when specific antibodies or probes are available.