Case 11. 
Clostridium butyricum-induced gas gangrene accompanying pneumatosis cystoides intestinalis (35 y-o M)
    Small bowel surgically resected for mesenteric arterial thrombosis in a patient of severe diabetes mellitus, accompanying pneumatosis in the bowel wall and portal vein (alive for 6 years after surgery)    
Key words : 
Clostridium butyricum, gas gangrene, pneumatosis cystoides intestinalis, Clostridium septicum    
opportunistic infection
Gas-filled space formed in the submucosa of the small bowel (HE)   Gas embolism filling the portal vein branches in the liver (CT scan)
Spore-forming large rods seen in the necrotic gut wall (HE)   Spore-forming, Gram-positive large rods seen in the necrotic gut wall (Gram)
Capsule formation by the spore-forming rods in the gut wall (colloidal iron)   Reference case A
Clostridium septicum-induced neutropenic colitis in a leukemia patient (32 y-o F).
Segmental necrotizing colitis results from chemotherapy-related neutropenia.