Case 8
Clostridium difficile-induced pseudomembranous colitis (53 y-o M)
    Colon biopsy from a patient suffering from watery diarrhea after antibiotics therapy    
Key words : 
Clostridium difficile, pseudomembranous colitis, microbial substitution    
opportunistic infection
Endoscopic findings showing attachment of pseudomembranes on the colonic mucosa   Pseudomembrane consisting of fibrinous exudates and neutrophils is seen on the surface of the eroded and highly inflamed colonic mucosa (HE)
Reference case 8A
Autopsy features of pseudomembranous colitis (70 y-o M).
Pronounced attachment of purulent material seen grossly on the colonic mucosa (S/P: formalin fixation). Pathologists should minimize the environmental contamination of C. difficile spores.