Case 7. Typhoid fever (40 y-o M)
    Surgically resected terminal ileum and right-sided colon with perforated multiple ileal ulceration    
Key words : 
typhoid fever, Salmonella typhi, microgranuloma, Campylobacter jejuni, cholera    
Perforation at the site of Peyer patches is a serious complication of typhoid fever (gross findings)   Microgranulomatous reaction (typhoid nodules) seen in the ileal wall (HE)
Reference case 7A
Campylobacter jejuni colitis (35 y-o F).
Colonic biopsy showing active inflammation with crypt abscess formation (HE)
  Reference case 7B
Cholera (40 y-o M).
Autopsied jejunum with shortening of villi (no epithelial destruction, HE)