Fujita Health University
Dept of Physiology

Laboratory staff

Professor: Ei-ichi Miyachi emiyachi@fujita-hu.ac.jp, M.D.
Associate Professor: Fusao Kawai fkawai@fujita-hu.ac.jp, Ph.D.
Senior Assistant Professor: Soh Hidaka shidaka@fujita-hu.ac.jp, Ph.D.
Senior Assistant Professor: Mahito Ohkuma m-ohkuma@fujita-hu.ac.jp, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor: Kayo Horio horio-k@fujita-hu.ac.jp
Lecturer: Kimikazu Fujita fujita-k@ohkagakuen-u.ac.jp, Ph.D.

Research Interests and Projects

Our laboratory has been doing research on chemical and electrical synaptic transmissions and information processing in the vertebrate retina. We are studying both lower and higher vertebrate retinas, using electrophysiological, morphological and molecular biological techniques. We are also studying the regulatory system by neurotransmitters, neuroactive substances and second messengers in gap junctions in neurons and muscles, in addition to retinal neurons.

  • Neurophysiological studies of ion-channel functions in the retina.
  • Neurophysiological studies of ion-channel functions and regulations by intracellular signaling pathways in olfactory cells.
  • Electrophysiological and morphological studies of neural networks and synapses in visual information processing in the retina.
  • Electrophysiology and molecular biology of gap-junctional intercellular communications and their regulatory mechanisms.
  • Neurochemical studies of neural degenerative diseases and their animal models.

  • Publication

    Conference on Medicine and Biology of the Brain (Japanese)
    The Association fort Research in Vision and Ophthalmology (ARVO)
    Vision Forum (Japanese)

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